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CD-1 8eeZ
CD-2 Dancing With The Bars
CD-3 Silly Putty People
CD-4 Selling You
CD-5 Are You Threatening Me?
CD-6 Stupid Is As Stupid
CD-7 Beguine
CD-8 Enterage
CD-9 Bossa Me
CD-10 Groovin 87
CD-11 Life Is Poison
CD-12 Life Is Wrong
CD-13 Here Come The Man
CD-14 Not Now
CD-15 When I Was Alive
CD-16 Stupid Is As Stupid
Remix – Andrew Szava-Kovats
CD-17 8eeZ
Remix – The Downward Path*
CD-18 Stupid Is As Stupid
Remix – Laǵrima Negra*
CD-19 8eeZ (Gothikus Dark Dance Mix)
DVD-1 Silly Putty People
DVD-2 Stupid Is As Stupid
DVD-3 Life Is Wrong
DVD-4 Selling You
DVD-5 Stupid Is As Stupid 2
DVD-6 Life Is Wrong 2
DVD-7 Biography